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Casework Solutions, LLC.
100B New Century Parkway
New Century, KS 66031

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Phone: (913) 768-8282
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Complete Creative Solutions from Casework Solutions in Kansas City Missouri

For Cabinets, Countertops, Fixtures, and More!


We enjoy building relationships with new friends and business partners without forgetting previous ones. We pride ourselves in working with our clients in creating solutions, rather than working for them. We strive to make long-term investments with our clients and work hard to ensure that we continue to be considered valuable to their organization.


Truth is the key to long term relationships. We strive to be honest with our customer, vendors and employees. We believe that an environment of honesty pays dividends towards creating a strong team. We also believe that bad news doesn’t get better with time. We will try at every level to alleviate issues and find Solutions. We will always keep the customer in the loop and abreast to any information they may find beneficial. We will not present an issue without at least a few different Solutions.


Casework Solutions has highly skilled craftsmen and detail oriented teams that insure our product is delivered above the client’s expectation. Whether it is our automated processes, quality control check procedures or strict supervision; our manufacturing process is streamlined, so as much human error is removed as possible.

  • Starting at the initial project bid we go into great detail of the project to insure we have researched every process & material required by the project.
  • Once the project enters the internal design/ shop drawing process we have several internal review processes that resolve any errors in the process. We always complete field verification of dimensions unless the client specifies otherwise.
  • With automated links between our design/ shop drawings and our manufacturing processes chances for error are almost totally eliminated and parts are produced to exact machined specification.
  • Even with that said our trained craftsman perform quality control on every part and piece and make sure each piece is produced to the highest quality before the piece moves any further into the manufacturing process.
  • When the pieces come together for assembly our craftsman again verify tolerances and operation before sending to shipping.
  • At shipping the product is cleaned, and protectively packaged so that your product is delivered to the project as specified ready for installation.
  • Casework Solution also provides top quality installation services my skilled craftsman who know how to get the job done correctly, on time, in a clean professional manner.


At Casework Solutions we work hard to provide the highest quality at the lowest cost. We manage this balance by the use of highly technical, automated processes and operating procedures that manages our quality and cost. This adds value by saving time and money; both of which we then share with our clients.


Although many of our processes are automated, our thoughts are not. Combining creativity with experience, helps decrease costs and increase the quality and performance. Our creative team has the open mindedness as well as the experience to design new and innovative products that not only look good but also perform. Our Solutions-based approach results in our ability to:
  • Understand key issues and engage with strategic imperatives;
  • Create focused solutions addressing issue specific needs;
  • Translate requirements into operational implementation;
  • Create practical and sustainable solutions;
  • Work hand-in-hand with clients to create optimal results.


Businesses are just buildings, with equipment and supplies, if not for people. The people are the ones who make the difference. Each of us has our own, interests, values, and life course. Our company is a living organism, and our success depends on the performance of each person. High results can not be reached, unless all players in the business game, win (clients, employees, and partners). We appreciate individuals for their points of view and positive traits that they bring to our Organization.

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